Funny Veggies

Today was a total “Veg-out” day in the case of eating. I had a fiber-fruity breakfast, but then everything from there on out was full of veggies.

Did a good job of not spending money today by packing my own lunch- a spinach salad with mushrooms, peppers, and broccoli. I ate these 12-grain crackers with it too. What was funny about the crackers was that I didn’t have time to pack them in a separate container, so I just shoved the entire box into my lunch bag (there was only two handfuls left). I pulled them out in Theatre History and Tony started making comments about me eating an entire box of crackers. I turned around and said, in all seriousness: “there are only 12 crackers in this box, see?” I pointed to the label which read 12-grain crackers. He shut up.

For a late dinner I made this wonderful concoction of sautéed vegetables with curry and eggs. I wrapped it up in a wheat tortilla and had myself an Indian burrito…kind of.

And for a snacky dessert I had some sweet cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and ranch dressing.

food for thoughts:

“Today food and I have been good friends. So often I find myself shying away from getting excited about meals or just eating them in general, but honestly that’s not loving or respecting myself.

Feeding “Little Claire” lots of tasty veggies today feels good!”

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