struggling with…

For some reason today I am ungodly tired. This often times makes me struggle with food. I feel lazy, like I should be bursting with energy after eating a hearty oatmeal and raspberry breakfast with black coffee…

I needed to spend so much more time with God today, but instead…I don’t even know that I did.

I get discouraged by days like these, and most times I just don’t want to talk about it. Yet, I can recover. I can learn the importance to starting a day off right. Perhaps that means replacing this book with the Bible, or going on a prayer run.

food for thoughts:

“Sleeping seems magical. I find that I cannot put much focused effort into my schoolwork when the thought of dreaming becomes so enticing. This infatuation with sleep today makes me worry. I worry that I am becoming lazy and inactive…even after teaching yoga and cycle. My mind is gone.”

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