a memory arose out of steam…

A rather rushed breakfast of eggs and veggies and yes, you’ve guessed it! More coffee.

Today’s bible study was inspiring. I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life. I am so motivated to begin praying for others and to give God credit for all the good I am able to accomplish because of Him.

Today was chlorine, yoga, sewing, tortillas, hair goop, and walks in the rain.

food for thoughts:

I remember when I was just you’re beginning girl. shy and careful. I slept on your ninja turtle comforter later than you did. you had class. I sat up, staring at the sunlight pouring from your basement window and felt warm, as if you were right there. you had left the coffee on and poured some into the “aunt linda” mug and walked outside. I had my shorts and messy bed head and remember being barefoot with nothing but my dorm key hung around my neck in a chain. I walked all the way back to colby, no shoes, carrying a ceramic mug full of coffee, feeling incredible.

it’s been such a long few years. so adorable. literally. I adore you.

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