providential timing

Today’s 7 mile run was not planned. My On Camera class was cancelled and my body knew what to do. It went home, changed into far too many clothes for the weather and then started to run (I took off the blue pull-over after the second mile).

This sounds funny, but I think God made my Ipod stop working today. I was going to run with it in, listening to music on shuffle, but it froze the second I picked it up. I ended up running without it and praying for everyone that entered my head and heart. It’s funny…I do not pray for others as much as I need to. How selfish my prayers seem after saying that! But I mean, it’s easy to pray for people I love and care about and it’s easy to pray for myself. It’s the people who I am struggling with and find it hard to even talk to that I really need to be praying for…for my sake as well as theirs.

Today in Samuel I was reading about how Saul was overcome with an “evil” spirit of the Lord. I had to stop a few times and contemplate on this translation. Another version describes the spirit as “injurious”, but both are from God. I’m sitting there, looking out the window, chewing on this word “evil” with my eggs and sipping coffee, wondering how my good, gracious, kind, and loving God can put an evil spirit into Saul that would make him try to kill David.

Anyway, it hit me again today on the run. Sometimes God does things that seem like they totally suck. Like loosing a job or breaking an Ipod or going through a near-death experience. But what we don’t know at the time is that  it will start to not suck so much, and it’s then that we realize that God had planned it all to help us out in the long run. We learn how to depend on God for financial needs when we don’t have as much income, we pray for our enemies when we don’t have the blaring of music in our ears, or we become the King of Israel after escaping several murder plots (David did that one, not me).

So today’s run was predestined, I am quite sure. I am grateful that I was able to enjoy the blue sky in the moments when it was over head today, and I am grateful to have the prayers which were weighing heaving on my heart freed with spoken breath.

Today I am encouraged to simply trust in my savior. My everything. He is taking care of me so well.

2 thoughts on “providential timing

  1. thanks for the reminder to pray more often. we’ve been focusing on that at church for the past month or so, and i’m really convicted. i’m planning to work out tomorrow morning without the iPod, too. thanks for the inspiration!

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