monday-tuesday-nightday tea time

I have been lucky enough to have three extremely excellent tea experiences this week (and it is only tuesday).

But in all honesty, they all, each in their own little way, have reminded me of a few important things, and I would like to share them with you.

The first, accompanied by the lovely Cady, as seen below, reminded me to thank God for the little things I take for granted. It also made me  take the time to praise the Lord and thank him for such a solid foundation of communication with Dennis. One, because I know how much it strengthens our relationship. Two, because one of my favorite things about us is that we talk about everything. And Three, because the combination of both of those will keep us together and always on the same team. Forever.

The second was with my dearest Lizzy. I am reminded of how beautiful it is to feel ugly, stupid, tired, and hurting, but to have someone who truly knows you and still love you as a sister. Today’s tea date inspired me to obey the word of God and to keep the ones I love always ahead of my selfishness. I am so grateful for that time with her each week to check in with one another. Without my realizing it, I have found Lizzy to be a tremendous accountability partner and also one of the only people I can be completely dorky and girly around without becoming embarrassed. It reminded me of how much I value friendship, particularly hers.

My last tea was a lonely cup. But I made Cassidy’s loose Jasmine tea that she got me for Christmas, my momma’s infuser, and a cup that my godmother (Aunt Laurie) bought me as a gift. Not only did it make me stop and think about how many people I have taking care of me in my life, but it provided a nice break from my research. I needed much more prayer in my day today, and the simple act of slowing down to sip a hot tea by myself forced me to realize how important this “speed reduction” is for me. I sometimes wake up and it’s “gogogogo” all day. I get to the end, and I either feel amazing or really resentful. The days I feel amazing, I’ve been “gogogogo”ing with the things I love and the days I feel resentful, I usually have either not taken care of myself or not been connected with God’s presence through all of the “gogogogo”ing.

That being said, I am very aware that my teas this week have not be decaffeinated, and so I will take this opportunity to sleep on these thoughts and let you think and drink as you will.

2 thoughts on “monday-tuesday-nightday tea time

  1. Dearest Claire – Love the site – miss you lots – my life has been crazy lately and I have allowed myself to be come crazed along with it. Thanks for the reminder to BREATH! Time for yoga – talk to you soon.


    Aunt Laurie

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