a challenge

This lovely morning, I am astounded at the ways in which the Lord speaks to me.

I am still reading 1 Samuel and David’s devotion and continuos prayer deeply inspires me. He was a magnet for people in distress or debt or discontentment, and he became the leader of the lowly, even before he was made king. He is wise beyond his own wisdom because he asks the Lord to inform him. He is, and I quote, “crafty”, because he is constantly plugged into the word of God, constantly able to see things that others are not aware of. I am amazed at the gravity of his prayers- asking God such huge questions, life-altering questions, and then listening without doubt, fear, or hesitation. I want that kind of trust. Even when Saul came into David’s hands, David knew he could not kill another who was anointed by the Lord, and he spared his life.

The more I look at David’s character, the more I can see similarities of him to Jesus. He hangs out with the people most of society hates. He has a deep connection to God’s words, considering the Lord as his own father, knowing that he is a favored son. He spares his enemy out of love for him and love for God. When he prays, his prayers are not vengeful or cruel, but carry great wisdom.

Some wisdom that he speaks to me today:

Men’s bodies are holy, even on missions that are not holy 1 Samuel 21:5

I am a spiritual being inside of a human vessel. I can be as deeply connected to God as David was. I can keep my body holy even in a world where it is not exalted when I do, or even expected that I do.

I think about the people in my life and our society’s outlook on love, sex, and marriage-all things which I am striving to keep holy and pure-and I am saddened and discouraged that this is not the norm. To be sexually pure, to love as Jesus loved, to keep a sacred and devoted bond with one spouse forever—these things are not expected of me by the world.

But they are expected of me by God.

I know that I recently wrote about not comparing myself to the things and people of this world, but to only answer to God’s standards. I am still striving for it. I will always strive for it.

Something else that hit me while reading this morning:

While David was at Horesh in the Desert of Ziph, he learned that Saul had come out to take his life. And Saul’s son Jonathan went to David at Horesh and helped him find strength in God. 1 Samuel 23:15-16

First, I am inspired at Jonathan’s love for David (Jonathan and David had made an oath before the Lord that they would be brothers and always take care of one another). Second, I am comforted to know that even a man as strong and holy as David got stressed out and needed guidance and encouragement from his friend in order to feel God’s strength. Third, I am all the more grateful for those of my friends who help me find strength in God. How precious they each are to me.

Today I am challenging myself: how holy can I be? –not in an an arrogant way, but in a seeking-to-serve way. Lord, teach me to be a humble and grateful servant. Get rid of my pride. Get rid of my concern of worldly perceptions and possessions. I know that my dear friends will help me find strength, and I know that I will pray and find wisdom that God offers to all of his servants who seek him out in scripture and in life.

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