oh, the dress

So funny story.

Last night I was just about to fall asleep when Dennis called me. We talked, said goodnight ,and then I could not go to sleep. My stomach was insane, my head was spinning, and I kept checking my clock because I was paranoid that I would oversleep for my cycle class. So I ended up just getting up, suddenly inspired to eat a banana and start alterations on my wedding dress??

Yeah, I know, weird…I usually don’t like bananas late at night.

So some of you do not know this, but I am wearing my mother’s old wedding dress for my own wedding, which actually is not going to be for another year, 1 month, 14 days and about 3 hours (it’s not like I’m counting down or anything).  But I decided that I want to do all of the alterations on the dress myself, as I would like to learn how to become better at sewing and making clothes while simultaneously being in control over exactly what the dress looks and feels like. I promise I am not a bridezilla, but I do promise that I am pretty particular about certain things.

Anyway, my mother gave the dress to me over spring break. She said: “Claire, I’ll help you buy a wedding dress; what’s your budget look like?” I replied “I do not want to spend over one hundred dollars for a dress I will wear once.” to which she responded “That is unrealistic.” Then she disappeared upstairs. She returned with a dirty cardboard box that read “Chicken Gems” and handed it to me. “Mom, you know I’m a vegetarian…what is this?”

Inside was my mother’s wedding dress, balled up in a garbage bag and stuffed into the Market Day box.  No, my mother is not exactly what you would call “romantic”.

When I was a little kid, I was always into dress up. I wanted to act out all of the scenes I saw in my favorite movies, so I dressed up and recited the lines. This means many times I would find myself wearing my mother’s slips and shoes, and one time, her wedding dress. I thought it was beautiful, but when I was twelve I told her I would never wear a dress like that. I was being a brat for some reason, although I’m not sure she even took me seriously or cared either way.

Now though, the idea of wearing my mom’s wedding dress makes me smile. She looked so beautiful in hers. I wish I had a picture to show you of her; she was so young, bright and gorgeous.

I am altering the dress to be shorter (just above the knee) and to pull in slightly to create an a-line shape. Also, it will have colored tulle at the bottom to create more of a ’50’s style flare. This means I have to cut off the…well I guess the way I would describe it would be “goddess-like capey thingy” that turns into a long train. Yeah, it’s hard to describe. The point is that I have to make some changes to it, but it is going to still look vintage, beautiful, and elegant, but simply have a “Claireness” to it which it did not have before. No wedding dress will look the same.

I do not know why I decided it would be a good idea to work on this in the middle of the night while experiencing some rare insomnia, but I did. I think I’ll save the rest of this project until after finals though.

This is probably the only peek you’ll get of the dress until it’s done….I mean, probably. I can’t promise it though, so you might want to keep checking….I’m just sayin’.

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