I have inherited a new pet

So these past few days have been a bit weird. I have always said that I don’t do well with “transition time”, as in, I always feel really strange during time in between big sections of life. Like, in between school and summer school, or jobs, or houses, or….just anything really. I don’t even like growing my hair out because I hate “transition” hair.

I forgot to take photos after my run, but I did 7 today, after my two fitness classes were cancelled because everyone is graduating today.

I just needed to have another date with Jesus again today, so I went on a walk and got lunch by myself, spending some time reading the rest of Samuel. It really inspires me how emotional and passionate David is. He dances like a fool before the Lord, telling his wife that he will become undignified even in his own eyes, but still will please the Lord with his celebration. I was so convicted. How often am I ashamed to show my worship, even in private? I want to work on really giving more to God. I know that He is so pleased with me when I offer my praises in worship, whether is it with a community of people or simply on my own. He deserves it, even if I feel silly doing it at first, I know the reward will be greater than I can imagine.

Raquel and Ricardo came by to get ready for commencement at my apartment. I’m really going to miss her. It saddens me that we did not get to be such good friends until now, when she’s leaving for Jersey next week. But it was nice to talk to her while she borrowed my make up and hair dryer. I took some photos of the two of them, and they even brought me a “going away” gift.

His name is Westy-hoff. Raquel found him sitting on the bench in the Westoff lobby in a plastic bag. It was during “Measure for Measure” rehearsal, and she asked everyone in the building if it was theirs. She even put it back on the bench to see if someone would come by and take it. Nobody claimed that fish, and so she took him home with her. He’s been alive and kickin’ ever since, and now is getting passed down to me since she’s moving. I shall take good care of him, and then pass him on to another someday…. that is, if I do not get too attached to him.

There have been some pretty wonderful things happening today. I got really stressed at first because I found out that I have to go to the ISU farm for a field trip for my on-line summer class. This would be fine, except that I was not planning on doing this kind of thing for an internet class, and it conflicts with my English class. I emailed my professor to tell her I would have to leave early and I am praying that I will not be marked down too much for it. It would be very unfortunate if I started off my class trying to play catchup.

I also got super stressed about my living situation next year, and began to get needlessly overwhelmed. I then decided that that was enough of that, and went on my run. I felt so much better afterwards. It’s pretty incredible. It is as if God uses the footsteps and breathing to spell out a code, telling me I am beautiful and that I am worth while and letting me know that he’s got me. He’ll provide everything if I keep him my goal. It’s like I’m running to him, and he sees it, and keeps pulling me to him, whispering everything I need to hear. I feel like David dancing. My body and heart quiet and all I can hear is my own breath, rhythmic and healthy. I feel so alive and thankful.

Also, I fixed my Africa bag. If you have seen me with this bag, you will have noticed that it has been held together by large safety pins. But no longer!

this was the heavy-duty safety pin I was using to hold it together

and this is the heavy-duty needle I used to sew it up

seriously....I'm not kidding, this was a physical challenge to do

but WA-LA! I finished it.

These days have been pretty random….so hum, what else have I done lately?

I got a bit farther on my wedding dress alterations. I told my mom and she was so excited. Like, it’s the most excited I’ve heard her be about this whole wedding planning thing. She loves Dennis and she is so happy that we are getting married, but if you know my mom you also know that she’s a very stressed out person when it comes to things with money. And, in case you didn’t know, a wedding costs money. But ever since I described the reception as a “garden party” she’s been getting more into the idea.

I also am going to learn how to bind books!

I start my classes on Monday, and one of my best friends moves in for the summer! I am so excited to live with her again, even if it is just for a month.

Now I’m off to grill some veggie burgers with Cassie and Jeff. I wish Dennis were here… next weekend can’t come soon enough!

…..I mean, that was kind of dumb to say. Why wish life away? Again, I am catching myself not being present. Something to keep working on….

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