ran 6.5 miles in honor of my mother and ate a scone

I have been experimenting with some new running trails. Well, some are not so new, but I am revisiting them after my tennis shoes have had a chance to miss them.

Thisis a nice fun 6.5 mile run that I did today.

checkin for tan lines.

This is a beautiful 9 mile run that is perfect for praying and just enjoying scenery. I did this one two days ago.

This is my usual route. It’s one of my favorites because you get a little of everything. You’ve got nice neighborhoods, down town Bloomington, and then Constitution Trail near the woods. 6 miles yo!

Today has been so beautiful. I have been so confident when it comes to food. It’s been a struggle for me in the past few weeks to not obsess over it, but this weekend has been a breakthrough of sorts. I ate ice cream and went to a party with snacky foods and did not even think twice about it. I drank some beer and had some chips. I also ate a salad and some pasta today. Everything tasted great, I didn’t over or under eat, and the entire time I just felt…fine. It’s been a while since I’ve had experiences like these and not felt overwhelmed or unsatisfied or self-conscious.

Today’s tasty treat was….

spinach, olive, and feta scone

I spent a few hours at the coffee hound, journaling about Job. I then spent another few hours browsing through Babbit’s Books. I bought a few old looking beautiful ones to re-bind into blank journals.

I did attempt my first one….it did not go over well. I shall post pictures later, and hopefully I will have learned how to do it better so that I can describe the places where I made mistakes the first time.

Tomorrow I start my inter-summester. That’s what I’m calling it. You can guess why.

Also, my fish is now a vegetarian. Just like me!

Happy Mother’s Day.

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