in transit

flower flowers flowering

over flowing

i am steeped in gathered floral

in a cup of my self-prescribed meditation

you are too poor to pay attention

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

a mother looks into a mirror

is divided by the daughter

split with laughter peeling off mouths

this is the discarded banana peel of lust-rust

i tend to my garden rocks

tending to slip on the compost when i am

giving you the slip, picturing slipping

bones knit

skins pinked

flush tight

full blush a subtle blushed communicates much

my love-

his songs is so many hues

tan-lellow fortune cookie lies

my lucky number is not 8-ate meant not a thing

not believed is luck

so i become a tough muffin

my love, my bestfriend, you are a stud

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

i carry a possession ring

wound looped through place of sniff and smell and pick

my sneeze is bejeweled

keep glimmerup

shine on you crazy pearl

in my engagement eye contact concert filmed in filmy dream residue

unfurl in frills the my mother’s white frock which

i shredded like mozzarella threaded like a loom of the moon

this all will all make cake confetti

this with our tattooed graffiti

slip on ink

your glaze of gaze repairs my blister’s sores in bruising excite

let’s just get married already!


my patience is a thin little whispy thing

flimsy today–like a lot of expensive things should not be


you are costly

you are stars

body on fires, spangles, my flame-you are


spackled in sparks

light to sequin suns burns out holes

in both palms


when you catch me

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