Friday Findings: Coconut Oil

The Lord has blessed me with a pretty awesome discovery this week: Coconut oil.

I won’t take up much of your time, but just look at how many ways you can use this stuff!beauty used for coconut oil

coconut oil uses

My wonderful Aunt Laurie got me a gift card for Whole Foods for my birthday in May, and I finally used it to buy some coconut oil, along with some other incredible goodies.

I am totally making the shampoo tonight, and possibly try out the face mask (putting oil on my face kind of freaks me out though, so maybe not…)

Do you have any natural beauty or household uses for simple ingredients? The Lord has made nature so wonderful! We can use so much of it, just like Adam and Eve did in Eden. What great gifts these natural elements are!

I’ll let you guys know how my experiment goes. Until then, enjoy your Friday and I hope you find something cool to do with some coconut oil.

5 thoughts on “Friday Findings: Coconut Oil

  1. Yep. Coconut oil is pretty spectacular. Whenever something ails me, my fiance will say: “You need coconut oil!” I have to remind her that coconut oil does not solve all of life’s problems 🙂 But yeah, it’s awesome stuff!

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