2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: what does this image represent to you? Go!

  1. Perhaps a Mama looking for food for her babies or checking out a possible threat? I know, I know. . . wolves have a negative connotation in scripture, but here in this picture, this is what I see. Disclaimer: I had a beloved dog for years that was part wolf. I guess I’m a little biased. 🙂

  2. Frontier predators. Namely, the things that, because we don’t understand them, can destroy us when we try to brave the unknown.

    When I see the wolf, I am afraid of it because I have been, in multiple ways, trained by the world to fear the cunning, fierceness, and predatory nature. The winter and the forest remind me of the harsh winters in forests across the American West during the 19th century when people in the US were making their slow, plodding, treacherous ways towards the west coast. These people faced this wolf and its kin, but also other unknown, misunderstood dangers like Native Americans, weather patterns, drought and starvation, sickness, and bandits. Some of these threats were inherently dangerous, some of them were only dangerous because the people encountering them were unprepared and uninformed. Thieves and bandits looting wagon trains are a real problem and are caused by the evils of human nature overcoming their compassion. But Native Americans were a threat primarily because of their prior relationships with European settlers and with the continued animosity between the two groups. And wolves like the one in the picture, being predators, were dangerous to livestock and to weak, young, and old party members who strayed too far from camp, but they were just as wary of large packs of humans as humans were of them.

    In any area of our life, as we move forward from the known into the unknown, there are bound to be these predators. We will not know how to deal with them, and some will challenge us to our limits. Some of them will present struggles because they are evils too strong for us to face alone, and some of them will simply be things we don’t understand, and the real problem is that we won’t immediately know which problems fall into which category. Which is why it is so necessary to rely on God’s knowledge, his understanding, his leadership, and his plans, because only he knows and only he can help us overcome.

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