A Week of Fasting and Prayer: Day 2- Prayer for the Seasoned Marriages

“I only wanna be with you
For the rest of my life
I’m talking about growing old
And wrinkling by your side…”

20140603-093214-34334407.jpgAt our church, we often call the older generation of our members “seasoned saints”. This often induces a quiet laughter from the congregation, but here’s why I like the term “seasoned” to describe some one or something who is old or elderly: “seasoned” implies that they have aged beautifully and have become even more wise, or even flavorful, with each passing year. Much like someone who is a seasoned doctor or lawyer, they know their work and have had a lot of experience to add to their history. But much like a seasoned stake, or a seasoned salad, their age has provided them with something extra to offer.

Jesus told us to be the “salt of the earth”, implying that our lives need to be seasoned with a cleansing, preserving, and purifying spirit that makes our lives “taste” different than others. At the same time, as we walk through different seasons of our lives, we grow more wise and knowledgable through our experience.

Today I am praying for the “seasoned” marriages– the ones that have made it a long way and have been through a lot of heartache and a lot of joy– the ones that have been seasoned with the salt that Jesus talks and about, and the ones who have weathered many seasons in their life: the honeymoon season, the trying and testing season, the baby-has-us-up-at-all-hours season, the unemployed season, the teenage-attitude-about-curfew season, the high school graduation and daunting college tuition season, the empty-nest season, the spoiling-our-grandchildren season, the growing-old-and-wrinkly season, and any others in between that I may have missed.

The lyrics above are the words to a song my husband wrote for his marriage proposal to me. I remember on that day, being struck with the severity of growing old with one person. I remember also that it seemed, and still seems, so far away. Yet I know it will come, and when that season of life comes when I am wrinkling by Dennis’s side, I pray that someone will be praying for us like I am praying for others now.

Here is my prayer for all seasoned marriages:

I praise you and thank you for the marriages that have lasted and have thrived! Thank you for these couples’ hard work, dedication, and strength; they are an example for all young married couples to aspire to. Thank you especially for those seasoned marriages that have blessed others in their marriage, whether that be due to raising children or due to mentoring others who need advice and specific prayer.

Please encourage those who have been married a long time to look back on the past joys of their marriage and to appreciate their spouse. If they have remembrances of bad times, I pray you help them see them as learning opportunities and growing experiences that have added to their testimony. I pray that as they reflect, O’ God, that they also are prompted to praise you for their successes in marriage.

Lord, even being married only a short while, I know how easy it is to get into a rut or a dull routine within a marriage. I pray for those seasoned marriages where this may become a temptation for the husbands and wives. I pray for renewal, so that each is always striving to keep things fresh, and so that each is working to kindle the romance and passion they have for one another. Let it not die out just because of the passing time. Lord, I know it must take diligence to do this, so I ask that you strengthen those marriages and also to create excitement and joy in their lives, especially in seasons where they may be tempted to just coast by without truly pursuing intimacy with one another.

God, these marriages are a beacon of hope to all younger marriages going through hard times, or even those who are engaged. We know that the marriage of two parents can change their children’s view on marriage and also help them in their own future or current marital relationships. I pray for a healthy example for our generation to follow; we truly need the inspiration that healthy, thriving, and strong seasoned marriages give to us.

There may be some seasoned marriages that have not aged well. Father, I know that your word tells us that you can restore what the locust has eaten away, and so I know that you can also restore a broken relationship void of true love. You can rekindle those feelings they once had for one another. I pray you do that O’ God, with these marriages that need revival and restoration and renewal. Give these marriages, not matter how old, a hope and a future!

Thank you Lord, that you listen to these prayers and that you know even better than I do about what each marriage needs. I pray that you respond the the petitions that these spouses in seasoned marriages have, even the ones they simply harbor in their hearts yet never utter aloud. I pray that you answer those silent calls as well as those spoken requests, Father, as only you can.

In your sweet Son, Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

How have the example of seasoned marriages in your life encouraged you in your life or in your marriage? Share your prayer with us!

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