I should be grading papers, but…

I’m sharpening all of the pencils in the classroom.

I’m setting up tables for stage makeup application, asking the students to sit by skin tone and wondering if I’m going to be called a racist again today for telling a student they need a darker shade of foundation than the one they chose.

I’m making more coffee.

I’m sweeping up a broken mirror off of the floor.

I’m looking to see what house we will be viewing today.

I’m starting to get worried about where my package went to. The FedEx people told me they cannot find it.

I’m picking broken tiles off of the floor.

I’m mopping up the water that the heater leaked all over the classroom.

I’m pushing papers around my desk trying to fine the stapler.

I’m thinking about investing in some heavy duty whiteboard cleaner.

I’m answering my door, telling students that no, they cannot eat their hot chips in my class because their teacher put them out.

I’m writing a student informational form for an IEP that a Special Ed teacher has to do.

I’m wondering why there are sunflower seeds all over the floor and if that mouse will come back again, or if he’s already dead…

I’m wishing my coffee were done.

I’m debating about whether I should sub this night school class that so-and-so asked me to.

I’m trying to find my planner.

I’m trying to find more blue paper so I can make copies (my white paper ran out).

I’m looking for the custodian so he can unlock the teacher’s resource room.

I’m doing a Professional Development Webinar.

I’m looking up the status of yesterday’s Chicago election.

I’m wondering if our President will come to the Mayoral Face-Off on April 7th.

I’m re-numbering test questions.

I’m eating cherios from a bag.

I’m thinking that some kid stole my red marker.

I’m throwing away all of the dried out glue sticks.

I’m trying to find an engineer to fix my heater.

I’m stacking dictionaries.

I’m writing this blog post…

I should be grading papers, but this is a normal day-in-the-life of a CPS teacher, and there are far more important things to worry about.

2 thoughts on “I should be grading papers, but…

  1. I should be cleaning my house but…. lol oh how I know the feeling to well of the “but…”

    Great post, made me laugh 🙂

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