A Challenge: #100artworksofgratitude

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Lately God has been showing me so much about what it means to live in joyful hope. And also that I suck at it.

Negativity and discontentedness are everywhere, oftentimes created in my own heart and spewing from my own lips into the reality in which I live and breathe along with others.

Gratitude is illusive and escapes me in the heat of the little aggravating moments of mess-ups and maladjustments. And so I need to make a drastic change if I don’t want to be continually dragged down deep into the negative trench of discontent and pessimism. It’s hard to get out of when I’ve been practicing it for so long, but I’m ready to fight it with the persistent practice of positivity.

I won’t waste my words with more wanton phrases of failed attempts and disappointments; I will get down to brass tacks and just tell you what’s going down.

I have a challenge for you. For myself. For us. 

My challenge is simple yet radical, and it will take a strong commitment.

My challenge is to create 100 works of art that express joy and gratitude for the life I’m living. All parts of it– the messy and the magnificent alike–1 work of art each day.

These artworks can look like just about anything–remember, there is art in even our breath– so I invite you to join me no matter what your artistic inclination or experience.

Some ideas:

-List one thing you’re grateful for each day.

-Take a picture of one thing you’re grateful for each day.

-Say something positive about yourself or your life each day.

-Create a mantra (like “live out loud” or “take risks” or “be your best self”) and live it out each day.

-Give something away each day to make yourself aware of all the access you have.

-Do something nice for someone each day.

-Tell your spouse, parents, siblings, coworkers, or friends you care about them in new ways each day.

-Take time for yourself doing something that you love and that builds into your best self each day.

The clutch thing is that we must document it. I will do so, and I will also have some other challenges– personal goals for my life– and I will be sharing those with you as well. It’s important to share and document so that we can all hold one another accountable– even if no one else participates, I know it will be good for my own self-motivation.

Here are my goals: Take a picture or create a work of art that expresses gratitude each day for 100 days (will be posted on Instagram @artofbreath), spend no money on unnecessary items (wants/frivolous desires/selfish pursuits) for 100 days, focus on God’s love revealed through scripture: 1 scripture or Biblical truth each day for 100 days, think of others as better than myself and truly explore what it means to love the least of these, and to love my husband as a respectful, gentle, kind, and humble wife in a very radical and unselfish way.

I am hoping that practicing this for 100 days will imprint these habits into my lifestyle as deep and lasting character traits. I fully expect to be changed by this experience.

I hope you will join me. Please share this post, or use hashtag #100artworksofgratitude and begin your own journey. Our Day 1 of 100 begins now. 

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