Born and raised in IL on lots of books, musicals, and trips to the local park. Still in IL, still reading lots of books, not watching as many musicals, but still love and believe in parks, hardcore-Leslie-Knope-style.

I keep thinking that I’ll move somewhere with mountains and bobcats, but for now I’m staying put. Besides, I love Chicago dearly, despite its lack of interesting wildlife and rock formations, and I have two cats… they sort of act like mini-bobcats sometimes.

I am married to Dennis Florine, musician, actor, and entertainer-extraordinaire. I absolutely could not adore him more. We first met in a movement class as acting majors in college. Two years later he lead me to Christ at the age of 20, and two years after that we tied the knot for keeps. Now we work together as a dream-team-duo, and it’s pretty flippin’ awesome.

My life revolves around writing as much as possible, running long distance, teaching yoga, and drinking copious amounts of coffee with my very-much-loved Chicagoian Tribe.

I also live in rain boots, love hyphens, and am a self-proclaimed foodie.

Those last three facts are unrelated.

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