Friday Findings: “That Girl”‘s in the “116 Clique” sitting on a new couch with “Trip Lee” whose holding a flower and my cat

Friday FindingsIf you know me, you know I love rap music, but not just any rap music, oh no. I do not go for the cussing, hating, sexing, gangster rap that I hear played outside my house on a daily basis. No no no!

I’m talking about that Gospel Rap! Love it! Can’t get enough of it!

So, naturally, my Friday Finding is a group of Gospel Rap Artists called 116 Clique. (And yes, if you were wondering, my man LeCrae is totally in with this clique).

They are a group of Christians who love Jesus and want to spit truth about him. They don’t preach the usual message that rap and hip hop usually preaches (violence, sex, drugs, and money), they don’t disrespect females, and they don’t feel the need to use profanity. In short, they share their testimonies, encourage other Christians, and rep their Lord and Savior as best they can. I mean, what’s not to like?

And here is a video that will inspire all women to be the true and Godly woman Christ would have us be: That Girl by R-Swift

My last Friday Finding is this pretty awesome young man named Trip Lee. He’s a preacher, a pastor, a blogger, and a pretty hip dude. Check out his blog Can I Brag On My Lord?

Oh, and I almost forgot! We now have a couch. We got it for free and it is quite comfortable and will seat a lot of people. Also, if anyone needs a place to crash for the night, we’ve got you covered with this here puppy:


And I found this flower on my run to the gym:


I guess I have a lot of Friday Findings this week…


Evee says “Happy Friday humans”!

Friday Findings: Coconut Oil

The Lord has blessed me with a pretty awesome discovery this week: Coconut oil.

I won’t take up much of your time, but just look at how many ways you can use this stuff!beauty used for coconut oil

coconut oil uses

My wonderful Aunt Laurie got me a gift card for Whole Foods for my birthday in May, and I finally used it to buy some coconut oil, along with some other incredible goodies.

I am totally making the shampoo tonight, and possibly try out the face mask (putting oil on my face kind of freaks me out though, so maybe not…)

Do you have any natural beauty or household uses for simple ingredients? The Lord has made nature so wonderful! We can use so much of it, just like Adam and Eve did in Eden. What great gifts these natural elements are!

I’ll let you guys know how my experiment goes. Until then, enjoy your Friday and I hope you find something cool to do with some coconut oil.

Friday Findings: Circle Journaling

Friday FindingsLately I’ve been listening to Moody Radio, and on Wednesday, while I was folding laundry, cleaning Evee’s litter box, and making my husband a smoothie (don’t worry, I washed my hands before!), I just flipped on the Midday Connection Program. You can listen to it here, and read about the program as well.

The featured guests were Tamara Peterson and Liz Lassa. The topic was something very intriguing called Circle Journaling.
It’s a way to journal about what God is teaching you and doing in your life that helps to reveal the divine connections between events, verses, experiences, and findings that might have otherwise been hidden.

This method of journaling is flexible, yet it helps with being able to go back to find specific things which might be hard to trace back to if you were to simply write in long-hand.

circle journalI highly suggest that you check on the links which I have provided in this post. I also suggest you listen to the Radio Program (which you can do by clicking the first hyperlink). Liz Lassa goes into detail about what Circle Journaling is, the different sections of it, and she even shares some of her findings in her journaling process.

You can purchase the Circle Journal here, and there is even a special “Moody Radio” discount and a free first chapter, which makes is a bit more affordable!

Thanks for reading friends, and be sure to check out what I’ve beenĀ  checking out next time on Friday Findings! Happy Weekend!

Friday Findings: Worship on NYC Crosswalk, Quitting Jobs, and Gospel Rap

Hello Artists and Breathers! Today I have some great findings to share with you.Friday Findings

The first is this awesome video of a song by David Crowder Band called “O Praise Him”. Not only is the song really great, but the video shows how overwhelming worship can truly take us over, no matter where we are, if we let it.

The second is one of my favorite author’s E-book that you can get for absolutely free! Her name is Allison Vesterfelt and her book is called “Thought on Quitting Your Job and Chasing Your Dreams”. Subscribe to her blog, and keep up with her. You won’t be sorry.

And last, but not least, I recently went to see Gospel rapper, LeCrae at at free concert in Chicago. I think you should check out his stuff and let me know what you think!

Happy Friday and enjoy!